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I am an experienced Human Givens Psychotherapist and Counsellor practising in UK, Portugal and Online. The fundamental principle of Human Givens therapy is that it is not possible to feel anxiety or emotional distress if your emotional needs are being met in balance.   My therapy will quickly help you ensure this happens.

Working together, we will identify the cause of your emotional distress, whether it be current or something that happened in the past. We will then ensure that we create a very clear goal to get your needs met in the present in a healthy and balanced manner.   With my help, this does not take long.  I have a range of powerful therapeutic tools at my disposal to help you quickly overcome unhelpful patterns from the past, traumatic events that are scaring your life, addictions that are draining your energy and high levels of anxiety that are exhausting you and stopping you from enjoying your life.

My therapy is brief and solution focussed, and quickly helps you achieve lasting relief from a wide range of emotionally distressing symptoms, and you should expect to see a significant improvement in your mood within 6 sessions with me.

My psychotherapy practice focusses on these issues

What My Clients Say

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Freyja of for the transformation she has enabled me to make in just a few sessions of Human Givens psychotherapy.

Her psychotherapy counselling and coaching skills within the Human Givens therapeutic and counselling framework were very effective in helping me not only to remember just who I am and what I have already achieved and quickly overcome my depression. She has a very well-stocked box of tools and techniques in her therapeutic arsenal and she surely utilises them in most appropriate and effective manner.

Kenny Rogers

The sessions I received from Freyja were highly professional and effective.  I initially found difficulty in believing that the PTSD I have suffered from for so long could be resolved so quickly, it was and I am so grateful.
Mike Philp

At first, I did not know what to expect but soon after sitting down and chatting, I felt relaxed and confident in what were going to achieve.  I can honestly say that I feel confident that I can equip myself going forward with the techniques Freyja has shared with me.
Trevor Guest

You are a great therapist Freyja. I felt instantly at ease with you.
Your home and office is warm and inviting and provides the perfect atmosphere for a client attending for your services. The techniques that you have taught me to help manage my anxieties are incredibly helpful. I have no doubt I will request a future visit.

I feel 100% better after sessions with Freyja.  I feel I have a better understanding and grasp and control of my emotions than I ever did before.
Stephen Cartright

Working with Freyja has helped me to form a much more positive and happier outlook on life, which has helped my confidence, self-esteem and well being. I’ve have learned how to cope with and combat any anxieties and I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve been in years! I was really impressed with the rapid progress I made during the sessions and Freyja really understood how to help me.

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