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Addiction and How to Beat It.

Are you worried about an aspect of your own behaviour?  Maybe you no longer feel in control of it. Maybe you are aware that it is soaking up unreasonable levels of your thought processes, money and time. Maybe it is getting in the way of relationships and life in general and damaging your physical health.

If you have got to the point of recognising that you have an addiction and feel motivated to do something about it, to regain control over your life and health,  I can empower you with the knowledge and internal motivation to break the circuit of addition. I can deal with all forms of addiction including alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex, TV and computer games.

Many people have found themselves doing things to excess and may feel out of control of their behaviour even when they know it is damaging their health.  Over 25% of Britons still smoke for example even though it shortens their life and is very unpleasant and costly.  Addiction can affect to any kind of pleasurable behaviour including drinking, sex, food, surfing, (wave and internet), recreational drugs and many others. The temporary and short lived feelings of pleasure achieved from these activities can be a distraction from other sources of emotional pain in our lives.  Some activities or substances can generate a feeling that is so powerful that life without that feeling may never seem worthwhile again.

What causes addictions?

Addictions are very hard to shake off as they result from one of the most powerful systems inside the human brain – the reward system. Healthily managed, this system, which involves the release of enormously powerful chemicals that make us feel good such as dopamine inside our bodies, is their to naturally make us motivated to do things that get our needs met.  However where we cannot or do not know how to get our needs met in healthy ways we can find ourselves using unhealthy substitutes.

These substitutes often are quick fixes and provide immediate highs and we can quickly find ourselves becoming emotionally and physically dependent on them.  Because the reward system is designed to help us seek out new experiences by reducing the feel good factor quickly we soon find ourselves having to do more and more of the activity to get the same high and so it starts to take over our live and damage our health. In a balanced healthy life we all feel a certain amount of natural rewards however in a life where needs are not being met and life feels dull and meaningless these substitute highs can make life seem more interesting again.

The Good News Is You can beat your addiction

The Human Givens approach will allow you to muster all your natural resources to overcome your harmful addiction.  It tackles at root both the physical and emotional components of the addictive process.   As a Human Givens psychotherapist I will work with you to devise and enact powerful techniques to help you overcome  the physical aspects of your addiction and ensure that you are empowered and motivated to meet you needs in healthier ways.



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