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Anger Management

Using the Human Givens approach and addressing the causes of anger in your life, be it past trauma or current life difficulties, I can provide you with a comprehensive solution to ensure you minimise the chances of becoming excessively angry and losing control.

What Causes Anger

Anger is a state of emotional arousal resulting from the ‘flight or fight’ mechanism. It triggers adrenaline and other stress hormones increasing blood pressure, breathing rates to get the body ready for action. As with any excessive emotional arousal, it causes thinking to become more primitive and temporarily lose our intelligence.

Although disturbing, it can also be addictive. Uncontrolled and excessive anger damages health and relationships and often causes accidents and violence. Many angry people die before their time of cardiovascular illness. Indeed we can see evidence that society as a whole is becoming increasingly angry. An emotion that is useful to defend ourselves can become our worst enemy. Inappropriately used against others may drive us further into a vicious cycle of isolation and seriously damage our health.

 Neuroscience shows that the brain can trigger anger in one-fiftieth of a second, so short a time that we barely have any chance of controlling it. That is why it is hard to break the habit of becoming angry if you have developed an anger problem. Thankfully there are now new techniques and approaches available to help control anger.

Anger Management: What can be done?

There is no store of anger in our minds. A stimulus in the environment triggers it. Identifying the triggers is the starting point. These may be trauma memories from previous traumatic events that must be de-traumatised.

 Using guided imagery Human Givens allows you to powerfully rehearse new behaviours to head off anger once it begins. How can people become calmer overall? Avoiding overstimulation from media and drugs, and other unbalancing elements of the modern lifestyle. Identifying if your emotional needs are not being met and taking steps to get them met is a fundamental component of resolving stress and anxiety, and anger.

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