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Emotional Wealth 1 Day Workshops

We all need money.  We plan our lives around it and, usually, we think the more we have the happier we will be.  However, the idea that more is better can bring enormous stress into our lives, distorting our relationship to ourselves and others and harming our health.  This can affect anyone regardless of financial circumstances.

In fact it is not so much a question of how much money we have, but our relationship with money that determines our level of well being.

What if we first identify what we need to be happy then we organise our money accordingly rather than the other way round? Our Emotional Wealth workshop helps you do this using straightforward scientifically proven psychology.  The one day workshop transforms your relationship with money and gives you the skills to overcome any associated stress and the inspiration to use money as a tool to help you build a fulfilling life.

If we all had a healthier relationship with money we would create a much healthier financial system that protects the natural environment and our mental and physical well being.  The good news is, we have the power to bring about the change we need for our own sake, the sake of our families and future generations.

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