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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

As a Human Givens therapist, I will work with you to devise and enact powerful techniques to help you overcome your anxiety quickly and teach you the tools to sustain this improvement. Using an integrated set of tools, including guided imagery, breathing techniques and goal setting, you can generally expect to see a significant improvement within several sessions with me.

Although a certain amount of anxiety keeps us alert and aids survival and helps prevent us from taking too much risk, anxiety can become a severe problem if it becomes a prolonged condition. We all suffer stress, but for some, this stress becomes chronic and does not go away, leading to severe psychological and physical illness. Stress can lead to a range of symptoms, including insomnia, drug abuse, migraines, skin complaints, burnout, increased risk of physical illness, anxiety disorders and depression, to name but a few.

Anxiety disorders are amongst the most severe health problem in society today. It has been estimated that 40 million working days are lost every year in the UK due to stress. A conservative estimate of the total cost of stress to employers has been put at £7bn to £9bn annually. Every day in the UK, some 270,000 people take time off sic.

This can take the form of generalised anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, lack of confidence or overwhelming stress and pressure.

The three elements of anxiety

  • Physical sensations you experience;
  • Emotions you have while experiencing them
  • Thoughts that go through your mind at the time.

The good news is anxiety can be managed very quickly when you know how.

The Human Givens approach will allow you to muster all your natural resources to overcome your anxiety quickly. It tackles anxiety’s physical, emotional, and thinking components swiftly and powerfully.

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