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Confident Communication

Do you feel anxious about speaking in public?
Are you easily understood when you speak?
To deliver compelling, persuasive and successful business and sales presentations, do you need to deliver effective, persuasive and successful business and sales presentations?
Do you want to improve your educational and career prospects and feel your voice is holding you back?

I believe your voice is integral to your self-confidence and success in life. Whatever your age or situation, I address a broad spectrum of vocal skills for individuals and businesses. Through my coaching, you will learn to speak with confidence, clarity and expression and give effective business presentations and speak confidently in public. I will help you overcome any fear you have of speaking in public and help build rapport quickly with people.

Depending on what you need, I can help with the following:

• Engaging an audience
• Writing and structuring speeches
• Special occasion speeches
• General public speaking
• Vocal health for those who use their voice in work
• Effective one to one communication
• Introductions and votes of thanks
• Answering questions
• Audience communication
• Confident posture and body language
• Overcoming nervousness

About Freyja

Freyja Theaker is a Human Givens therapist offering therapy and counselling online. Call on: + 44 (0) 7970 304 678 / +351 931 306 299

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