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Lift depression

If you are reading this, it is likely that you or someone you know is suffering from depression, and that you are already motivated to get better.  Depression is a very serious condition and can lead to suicide.  It can affect people of any age.

You will be pleased to know that lifting yourself out of depression may not be as difficult as you think.  By using the powerful integrated set of ideas and tools I will quickly help you break this vicious circle and lift you out of feeling depressed and ensure you have the knowledge to stay out of it.

Epidemiological studies published over the last three decades reveal a rapid increase in the incidence of depression and is one of the reasons we know that depression is not a genetic disease.  This growing body of evidence shows that most depression is learned and come about through how we interact with our environment.

It is our response to life events, not the events themselves that cause depression.  There are a lot of myths about depression.  For example, that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain; it is anger turned inward; it takes a long time to come out of; it stems from childhood events that have to be explored before progress can be made.

The evidence, however, is that depression responds well to certain kinds of therapy or counselling which is active, time-limited, focused on current problems and aimed at symptom resolution, not personality change.

The Cycle of Depression

A mind beset by anxiety caused by a life where needs are not being adequately met will tend to ruminate on these problems incessantly, causing the individual to focus heavily inwards, further isolating them.  The function of healthy sleep and dreaming is to relieve the brain of any anxiety triggered during the day, and therefore an anxious mind will dream excessively and vividly at night and often even wake the person up.  This is both mentally and physically exhausting and lowers motivation levels, causing the vicious circle of inward rumination and focus to get ever worse.

The individual becomes completely hijacked by high levels of emotional arousal characterised by this cycle, and the ability to think straight and use their imagination positively to work out how to move forward is severely limited.  We call this black and white thinking and it leads to catastrophic thoughts and soon every little setback or challenge seems like an impossible mountain to climb.

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