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In a world driven by ‘me’ let us not forget that the only way to help others is to drop the focus on ‘me’.   Those working in the realm of consciousness in particular are the messengers not the originators and their power is the power of something far greater than themselves and those seeking their council will be well advised to observe how much such people use the word ‘me’ when they talk to you.

Our aim is not to create a world of spiritual ego to replace the world of material ego.  That is completely defeating the object.  The commercialisation of spirituality and consciousness development is a perennial issue and one that all too often has been won by Mammon.  We only have to look at how the Roman Empire adopted the grass roots Christian church to see how easy it is for an entire spiritual tradition to become entangled with secular power.

Humanity’s ability to ensure that consciousness and spirituality trumps materialism is the hallmark of the great transition we are now in as we move towards the age of light.  Our core beliefs are now changing about the nature of materialism and the entrancing flickering colours of that realm are thankfully no longer gripping a growing minority.

Freyja Theaker