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How Therapy Helps

Human Givens psychotherapy is a powerful, common sense and scientific framework for understanding the way that your mind works that will help you achieve results very quickly. This framework encompasses the latest scientific understanding from neurobiology and psychology, as well as ancient wisdom and original new insights.

I offer you a safe and confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable.

I use methods that will quickly enable you to achieve a state of calm and work with you to identify goals that you feel will help you move forward. I will deal with issues that are troubling you from the past without having to dwell on them or endlessly talk about them. My focus is very much on the present and empowering you to learn how to manage your own mind and achieve your future goals.

The first session is mainly to identify the “landscape” and clarify what your key issues and desired outcomes are during which we work together on a plan for you. Many clients find they can achieve their goals in 2 – 6 sessions, as Human Givens therapy is a very powerful approach, but I am able to work long term if that is required too. A typical session will last up to 1½ hours, during which I will ask questions to guide our conversation about the issues concerning you, and encourage you to define your desired outcomes.

We will focus on your emotional needs and ensuring these are fully met which is the basis of Human Givens psychotherapy. When these needs are met adequately you will quickly overcome any feelings of anxiety and other emotional distress. As part of this process we will identify thoughts and behaviour that may be helpful in enabling you to meet you emotional needs more effectively.

I may perhaps help you to practice visualisation and relaxation techniques; sometimes we could use a variety of tools and techniques to help explore your issues and find ways of resolving them. For example one of my techniques will enable you to quickly overcome past traumatic experience. You may be asked to carry out some tasks for yourself between sessions, for example: observe a particular aspect of your behaviour, keep a journal or logbook, read an article, practice a particular technique, listen to a CD or tape, or experiment with a new behaviour.

It is often not the level of external stress you are experiencing but the strength of your coping mechanisms and ability to achieve your emotional needs that is the crucial issue. Strong emotions like depression, anxiety, anger and greed (addiction) are at the root of why so many people seek help from doctors and therapists. Working together with you, and bearing these firm psychological principles in mind, I will offer practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now, enabling you to move on in your life as quickly as possible. We will deal quickly and effectively with past traumas and negative patterns that trap you in unhelpful beliefs and thought processes. Then we will establish clear goals and strategies for moving forward, visualising them being carried out successfully in a calm and relaxed state to ensure you manifest a new more positive reality.

To Summarise

Doesn’t take long to get back on track – as few as 6 sessions on average.
Is not as complicated as your anxious mind probably thinks. Together we will quickly find relevant and achievable goals based on your needs that will give you a sense of moving forward and feeling better quickly
Can deal with past traumatic problems that are troubling you in the present quickly and effectively.
Will quickly break the negative cycle of addictions and depression
Helps you overcome obsessive thinking
Helps you manage anger effectively
Will ensure your natural buoyancy and optimism return and you can establish a mind that is healthily focused outwards and is not constantly worrying and ruminating on negative thoughts, so you can move forward in a calm state
Will ensure you have an understanding and are practiced in relevant skills of how to manage your mind to help overcome anxiety and emotional distress in general and enable you to move forward in life with confidence.
As a fully qualified Human Given Psychotherapist and professional member of the Human Givens Institute I adhere to the highest standards of practice. A Human Givens accredited supervisor monitors my practice. Sessions with me may be discussed with my supervisor as part of the supervision process. All supervision discussions are anonymised. I have a current CRB check and also am insured as a professional therapist. The Human Givens Institute is the governing body for Human Given’s therapists. They follow strict codes of practice in line with government national guidelines for psychotherapists. There are many hundreds of trained Human Given’s therapists in the UK. Their complaints procedure and ethical and professional conduct policy can be viewed on their national website here. www.hgi.org.uk.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you feel you may wish to proceed, the next step is to make an appointment with me.

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