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How Human Givens Therapy Works

Human Givens Psychotherapy uses proven therapeutic techniques in a flexible and integrated manner. It includes ancient wisdom and the most up-to-date psychological knowledge to quickly get to the bottom of your anxiety and help you recover and move forward. The term Human Givens refers to what nature has ‘given’ us concerning a set of basic drives or needs that we all have and the natural mental, and physical resources we possess which enable us to fulfil these needs.

Everybody needs things to live happily, and most people tend to concentrate on satisfying their physical needs such as food and shelter. However, in addition to these physical needs for our bodies’ welfare, our brains also have essential emotional needs for our survival. Our brains can only function well if these needs are met. For example, as the body gets hungry or cold when the physical needs are not met, the brain triggers emotional states to signal its survival needs are not satisfied. We, therefore, call these needs ‘Emotional Needs’. When these emotional needs are not met, anxiety results, and if this anxiety is not dealt with can escalate in many more severe conditions.

The part of our brains that manage these needs is called the ‘Emotional Brain’ (or technically the Limbic Brain).

Your Emotional Needs

Your emotional needs are fundamental drivers for your life. Getting these met or having the realistic expectation that they will be met is enough to keep you feeling positive and generally happy and confident. On the other hand, not having these met is the fundamental cause of all anxiety. If left, this anxiety can lead to more severe problems, including depression, uncontrolled anger, addictions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts, amongst a range of emotionally stressful symptoms.

If your emotional needs are met appropriately, it is not possible to be mentally ill.

Perhaps no more powerful a statement could ever be made about the human condition:

  • If human beings’ needs are met, they won’t get depressed.
  • They cannot have psychosis.
  • They cannot have manic depression.
  • They cannot be in the grip of addictions.

It is just not possible.

This set of universal human needs determines our emotional states. If we want to give full play to our power, manifest our potential and overcome emotional issues that otherwise narrow down our thinking, achieving these needs appropriately is vital.

This is the universal human foundation for wellbeing and self-development.

There may be past issues that stop you from getting your needs met, including things like unhelpful social conditioning and traumatic experiences. In addition, a lack of current life skills could be preventing you from getting your needs met. I will work with you to resolve past issues quickly, focus on the present to identify and prioritise unmet needs, set clear goals and give you the confidence and skills to ensure you get these met to start feeling positive again. I will draw on various tools and techniques that are all scientifically proven to help you quickly achieve this.

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