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It is a stick-up,
A limbic hijack fruitbat moment,
Fussing and flapping flapjack,
A chaotic stone throwing,
Mouth swearing,
Blood curdling,
Limbic stick-up.

Hold up your hands,
Empty your brains,
Scream and shout ‘Its the worst” It will never be the same again,
Oh the pain,
The confusion,
In this bloody mammalian brain.

It is the “power of now”!
Remember to meditate,
To be present,
To contemplate,
To resuscitate,
To renew.
Oh phew!

You have one too!
Its not just me,
Who may fight or flee
Its not just me
Who loses the plot
Of beauty and calm
Of healing the alarm.

We are all human.
What a pain,
Sometimes is,
Our limbic brain.

Freyja 2017