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Meeting Your Emotional Needs

We are all faced with issue of meeting our needs.  Meeting our needs is indeed the very fundamental motivational force that drives our lives forward.  If our needs are not met consistently we cannot be happy for these needs define us as a species.   We all have them.  Society is about dealing with the task of enabling people to meet their needs.  We may not have them all met all the time yet in the course of our lives, in a beautiful and moving way, looking back from the point of our passing, we will note that all we have been and all that we have done amounts to meeting these needs.

We can categorise these needs if we want to, but rather like the “two but not two” insights of quantum mechanics they all interweave in a beautiful intricate pattern.  How we manifest the fulfillment of them, nature has left up to our individual consciousness, which is how it should to be to create a robust ecology of life, but she has guaranteed a beautiful unity by ensuring we all have the same fundamental needs.  How successfully we fulfill them depends on how well we use the tools or resources nature has endowed us all with.

For the most part, due to the inherent beauty and magnificence of nature we have the most amazing tools each one of which is beyond comprehension in its power but combined offers us infinity in our hand.  A brain and body and physical environment that is beyond words in its beauty and potential all integrated by a universal heart beat that pulses deep in each of us mystifying the boundaries between our individuality and life as a whole.

Yes we’ve been damaged and have damaged others.  Yes we have battle scars.  Yes we have to learn to manage our minds rather than let our minds master us.  All this however is possible.   A new global democracy of spiritual and self -development growth has never been more readily available.  The sophistication of understanding has never been more exciting.  We do not need to suffer, at least for very long.  We have the tools to transform hell at our fingertips.

With a little work and the right kind of help we can soon learn to fly, fulfilling these amazing needs, which reflect our infinite mental and physical capacities as a species and which, through their global fulfillment will create the most beautiful tapestry of life the universe has ever seen.  To help us along we can give name to these needs.  They are lovely to meditate on and you will find give answer to so many questions you have about your life.  Enjoy!  In these observations are the answers to all human suffering and flowering.  The world’s problems are the failure to meet these needs.  Think about it for a while and it is so obvious it will bring a smile to your face.

Security — safe territory and an environment, which allows us to develop fully

Attention (to give and receive it) — a form of nutrition

Sense of autonomy and control — having volition to make responsible choices

Emotional intimacy — to know that at least one other person accepts us totally for who we are, “warts ‘n’ all”

Feeling part of a wider community

Privacy — opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience

Sense of status within social groupings

Sense of competence and achievement

Meaning and purpose — which come from being stretched in what we do and think.