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What Is A Phobia?

As a Human Givens Psychotherapist and Counsellor I use a very simple process to remove this unnecessary triggering called the rewind technique which normally works in just one session.

Any uncontrolled, persistent, irrational fear that is accompanied by a compelling desire to avoid the object, activity, or situation that provokes the fear, is called a phobia. As far as the brain is concerned it is no different from PTSD. The same neuronal pathways are involved.11% of us will experience some form of phobia at

11% of us will experience some form of phobia at some time in our lives and woman are twice as likely as men to experience them.  Phobias can develop in response to trauma and many other reasons. They can be learned from parents and carers by children and it is not even necessary to witness the original cause of the phobia to go onto develop it.  There are many types of phobias.  Phobic reactions are fight and flight reactions triggered by unhelpful patterns stored in our emotional brain.



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