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The Power of Visualisation

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.

— Buddha

On this page you will learn (and practise) the art of combining relaxation with visualisation (of achieving your goals).  This is a powerful way you can bring about change quickly in your life.

Changing your behaviour and your lives is never easy, especially when you are feeling anxious or emotionally aroused. Many therapeutic techniques, and indeed many old philosophies and religions, make use of the deep relaxation state as a starting point. Emotional arousal focuses and locks attention. It is only when anxious or depressed people are deeply relaxed, temporarily liberated from the interminable personal worries and concerns that plague them, that they can, metaphorically, step back, take a wider perspective, and be guided to see different outcomes and options for themselves in their lives.

“I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head. It’s like a colour movie. First I “see” where I want it to finish, nice and white and sitting high on the bright green grass. Then the scene quickly changes, and I “see” the ball going there: its path, trajectory, and shape, even its behaviour on landing. Then there’s a sort of fade-out, and the next scene shows me making the kind of swing that will turn the previous images into reality.”

— Jack Nicklaus

Now try combining these relaxation skills whilst visualising yourself achieving the goals you have already identified from the previous pages.  It is important to try and visualise yourself actually carrying out the goals or even better, in a position where the goals have been achieved.  Visualise your goals in as much detail as possible.  Bring in all your senses to this to make it seem as real as possible.  Enhance your visualisation by first recalling some of the good memories and strengths you have previously identified.  Summon up the positive feelings you had in response to these memories.  Next, whilst holding onto these feelings, visualise yourself carrying out your new goal with these same feelings of confidence.  Associating positive feelings with your visualisation in this way will enhance the power of it.  Repeat this exercise as often as you feel you need to.  Do not underestimate the power of your mind to bring about what you imagine.  If you feel resistance or doubt creeping in, then remember your reframes that you have developed in order not to get stuck in any negative feelings or beliefs.

Keys To Visualising Your Goals

There are some key aspects that you have to be aware of when visualising your goals as a technique to help you reach them:

Focus on your senses: An example of visualisation may go something like the following:  “When I visualise the goal of my dream house, I am standing in my front garden with my cream coloured cat who is purring. I can feel the warm sun on my back.  I can smell the fresh cut grass. All of these things help my visualised goal to become more real.”

When you first begin to visualise, you may not be able to experience all of your senses. This is OK. It is a lot like trying to clear your mind while meditating or trying to touch your toes when stretching. At first, you most likely cannot do either, but with time and practice, you are able to clear your mind or touch your toes.

Focus on details: This takes focusing on your senses to the next level. When I say focus on the details, I want you to get very specific. For instance, “I can see the individual blades of grass and I can see the fibres of the tennis ball.” Work your way up to being able to see very specific details. In time, this will become easier for you.

Visualising In This Way Is A Powerful Method Of Changing Your Life

  • It activates your creative subconscious, which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goals.
  • It programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognise the resources you will need to achieve your goals.
  • It draws into your life the people, resources, and circumstances you will need to achieve your goals.
  • It builds your internal motivation to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

These past few pages have been designed to give you a straightforward way of bringing about positive change in your life.  They are based on the robust methods of Human Givens Institute.  I hope you have found them helpful.  I can only encourage you to practice them as much as you can.   Please contact me should you need to discuss any of these procedures or would like to see me.


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